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Chiara Frei Grafic Solutions | About KLER
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About KLER

… and I’m KLER


Meticulous, precise and always caring about details KLER was born in september 2015, as she used a spraycan for first time. Since then, even if she wears a mask while painting to avoid intoxication, spraycan became her new addiction!

She creates characters which testify precise moments of her life, almost as she was coloring her diary.
Inspired by the events and the people she meets along her way KLER immortalizes ephemeral moments, passenger emotions that too many times people, including herself, prefer to conceal.
Through the phrases embedded in her works she launches precise and subjectively interpretable messages to the observer, leading to reflection.

Her typographic character has already become her signature.


You can find more works on facebook and instagram.kler