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Chiara Frei Grafic Solutions | About KLER
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About KLER

… and I’m KLER


Between ideas and ink, KLER matures in the chaotic order of his father’s graphic studio growing in a reality always tied to art in general. She is a formed designer, an attentive observer of the surrounding world and she is in constantly evolution, educating his aesthetic sense. After 27 years of artistic gestation, KLER was officially born in Barcelona in January 2016. Here she holds the cans for the first time on the legal walls made available by Wallspot and even though wearing a mask to avoid spray intoxication she becomes very early addictied to street art. She receives immediately great recognition. She is invited to paint at various festivals in Europe and South America.


Meticulous and always caring about details KLER shares her own universe with the observer. Inspired by the events that affect her life and the people she meet during her journey, KLER immortalize ephemeral moments and emotions that too many times people prefer to conceal. She launches precise and subjectively interpretable messages through phrases that incorporates into her works.
Her typographic character has already become her signature.


You can find more works on facebook and instagram.kler